Kent City Council Passes Plastic Bag Ordinance. Read what the Kent Reporter has to say about the new Bag Ban.

Help make the pledge to

Pledge 1

I will remember to use my reusable bags when I go to the grocery store. I will make it convenient to use them by keeping them in my car, purse, or briefcase.

letter to editor.jpg

Pledge 2

I will write a letter to the editor of my preferred local newspaper letting them know that the community supports a reusable bag ordinance.


Pledge 3

I will contact a member of my city council requesting their support for a reusable bag ordinance. 

Be part of the 10,000 person commitment
to use reusable bags every time.


Our goal is to get reusable bags into the hands of so many shoppers that plastic grocery bags will simply become obsolete. Furthermore, high turnout and community enthusiasm will only emphasize the message to your local city council members that this is a needed and supported ordinance.