Why we support a reusable bag ordinance

Plastic shopping bags are a convenience that have far-reaching impacts on our oceans, marine life, and sea birds.  Plastic bags do not degrade in the marine environment but instead photo-degrade, meaning they break down into smaller and smaller bits of plastic but never completely go away.  Marine animals, such as turtles and seabirds may ingest these micro plastic particles floating in the water potentially blocking their digestive track leading to starvation or health issues.  It is estimated that over 267 species of seabirds have plastic in their bodies. Numerous studies have proven this fact.

Fun Fact 1

A Reusable Bag Ordinance Saves Money

  • Cuts on costs for disposal and clean up efforts of single use bags

  • Retailers save by no longer having to buy and supply plastic bags

  • The Northwest Grocers Association backs the ordinance in the name of consistency and efficiency.

Fun Fact 2

It also Reduces litter (duh)

  • San Jose saw nearly a 60% reduction of plastic bag pollution in streets & waterways.

  • 90% of storm drain bag pollution was also eliminated

  • Ireland introduced their "plastax" approach and experienced a drastic 95% reduction in bag litter.

Everyone Else Seems to Be Doing it Successfully

  • Over 30 jurisdictions in the state of Washington have reusable bag ordinances and the entire state of California.

  • C'mon guys, if Cali can do it- so can we.

Fun Fact 3


Check out who is doing just fine without plastic

Many communities in the United States and around the world have already switched to using reusable bags including many in Washington state.

Bag ordinance map August 2019.png

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Cut Out Handles
Remove the sleeves and cut a bigger neck opening. This makes your opening & handles. If you sew, you can even use the sleeves to make front & back pockets! 

Cut Strips for Tied Seam
Cut strips along the bottom opening. These should be about 1.5in wide by 3in long, but they don't have to be perfect. 

Tie, Tie, Tie
Tie all of your strips together to make your seam along the bottom of the bag. If you prefer to the loose ends to be hidden, flip your shirt inside out before tying.